Fort Lauderdale ADR & Trial Consultant

Magnus is located in Broward County and we have conducted over 150 Arbitration, Mediation, and Jury Consulting research projests in Fort Lauderdale. Since our founding in 1993, Magnus has worked on over 1000 cases in Florida, in both state and federal courts, and numerous cases across the U.S. Our cases have been both civil and criminal matters, including civil litigation on auto accidents, medical malpractice, construction, fraud, insurance disputes, legal malpractice, and many other commercial and personal injury cases.

Fort Lauderdale


• Broward County 2015 population estimate: 1,896,425
• Fort Lauderdale 2015 population estimate: 178,590
• Jury eligible population of Broward County: 78.5%
• Racial Composition:
     – White 64.4%
     – Black 29.2% 
     – Hispanic 28.0% 
• Education:
     – 87.9% of the population of Broward County have a high school degree or higher
     – 30.2% of the population of Broward County 25 years and over have a bachelor’s degree          or higher 
• Incorporated on March 27, 1911, Fort Lauderdale is the largest of Broward County’s 31 municipalities and the eighth largest city in Florida
• The City of Fort Lauderdale is named for a Second Seminole War fortification built on the banks of the New River in 1838. That year, Major William Lauderdale led a detachment of Tennessee Volunteers south along the east coast of Florida to capture Seminole agricultural lands and battle the elusive Indian warriors. Altogether, three forts named after Major Lauderdale were constructed. None of the forts survives today.
U.S. Census Bureau (2010 Census)