Magnus Graphics

Magnus Graphics, Inc. is an affiliate of Magnus Research Consultants, Inc. and specializes in providing creative, memorable, visual solutions to enhance case information presented at hearings, mediation, arbitration, and bench or jury trials. Building on Magnus Research Consultants’ wealth of knowledge on arbitrators’, mediators and jurors’ perceptions and decision making, Magnus Graphics works with clients to prepare cases for hearings, mediation, arbitration, and bench or jury trials – visually. The Magnus Graphics team consists of Magnus Research Consultants’ team members as well as animators, graphic designers, medical illustrators, photographers, and videographers. Magnus Graphics often uses information gained during mediation, arbitration and/or jury research to develop exhibits based on what fact finders want to know, see, and hear.

Services include:

• Electronic Multimedia Presentations
• Animations
• Timelines
• Document Enhancements
• Graphics/Diagrams/Flow Charts
• Photography/Videography
• Day in the Life Documentary
• Video Editing

Sample Exhibits:

InjurySketch2 Gassing


2005 timeline p2

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