Law Firm Image Research

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Law Firm Image Research

Law Firm Image Research

In the competitive market faced by lawyers, it is critical that firm image and client satisfaction be evaluated and tracked. Magnus can provide its expertise in evaluating firm image, existing or proposed advertising and marketing programs, as well as monitor developments in the perception of firms or lawyers in a given geographic market. Services are designed with firm specific issues in mind. Following is a brief description of some of the services which are available.

Advertising or Marketing Program Evaluation

Magnus uses Focus Group Research to evaluate TV/radio and print advertising, as well as impressions of the client’s law firm in comparison to “local” competitors. An evaluation of how target market prospects would make attorney hiring decisions is incorporated as a part of these projects.  Focus Group results are very useful in designing commercials and ads that focus your message on your target audience.

Law Firm Client Profiling

To identify the target clientele of your firm, Magnus will analyze and evaluate past clients and case types thereby generating a profile of the firm’s client base. This profile will be based on demographic factors, injury types, etc., for personal injury firms, and on other descriptive factors for defense or commercial firms. Law Firm Client Profiling is recommended to provide an understanding of who is, or has been, represented by the firm and will enable your firm’s marketing efforts to be targeted to the appropriate or desired audience. The analysis will provide a baseline for future comparisons and evaluation of market changes.

Law Firm Image Analysis

Law Firm Image Analysis involves survey research conducted by telephone to evaluate community awareness and impressions of your law firm in comparison to “local” competitors. In addition, this service identifies and evaluates the factors which contribute to attorney hiring decisions in the community.

Client Satisfaction Studies

Several methods are utilized to evaluate client satisfaction. These include:

  • Focus Group research of former clients to determine how the clients came to the firm, their satisfaction with the firm, ways to improve service, and likelihood of future referrals.
  • Research using surveys mailed to former clients to evaluate satisfaction with the firm and the specific attorney. In addition, factors such as understanding of the litigation process, willingness to make referrals, as well as topics of specific interest to the firm can be addressed.
  • Business to business interviews of corporate clients. Most often done by telephone interviews, these interviews may also be done using live interviews of high level clients.

Website Review

Magnus’ team is available to review attorney websites to review each page for content functionality including each link, attachment, or feature. When done in conjunction with other services such as Advertising or Marketing Program Evaluation, particular attention is paid to evaluating how this important marketing component is integrated into the overall marketing program.

Presentation Coaching and PowerPoint

Magnus Graphics design team is available to work with attorneys on their electronic presentations intended for educational or marketing programs. Often, considerable effort is spent on developing or obtaining speaking opportunities, and considerable resources are expended in making the presentation. The quality of the presentation should be strong to maximize the benefits from the effort. Building a quality presentation takes time and foresight; it should not be a last minute effort. And, the assistance of consultants or technicians familiar with PowerPoint or other programs can enhance the quality of the presentation. Further, Magnus’ consultants can act as a sounding board to allow the attorney to do a dress rehearsal of the presentation to ensure that the visual content and the presentation outline are as strong as possible.