Brian B. Joslyn, Esq. (Ret.)

Brian B. Joslyn, Esq. (Ret.)

Hi, I’m Brian Joslyn, the firm of Casey Ciklin in West Palm Beach. We’ve used Magnus on a number of cases, and have been extraordinarily happy with their assistance. I’ve had a couple of cases that were very complex, both in terms of facts and law. And we’ve used a multi-level program, where we would first tease out jury attitudes on some of the substantive issues of the case, use that to further develop themes in the case, and then go back and do a full-on jury simulation where we take an hour or two on each side of the case, to present the evidence to the jury, and then film them while they’re deliberating. That can be the most enlightening thing to see how people view arguments that you believe are crystal clear, in a way that isn’t what you think. And the results of this kind of study are absolutely invaluable, when the time comes to actually try the case. In the case I was thinking about we did the preliminary issue development. We then came back and did some jury simulation work. And, I had a client who was not the best witness in the world, and Magnus was instrumental in helping us get him set up and ready to testify in trial in a way that would help his case, rather than hurt it. And the work that they’ve done is just invaluable, because we win the cases that they seem to work on with us.

I had another case, a very politically sensitive case in West Palm Beach, involving expansion of the West Palm Marina. We did jury simulations in that case, where every kind of crazy argument that the other side was trotting out was specifically tested, evaluated, and then as a result, when trial came, there was nothing we weren’t prepared to meet, and as a result of that work, we achieved a very satisfying win in that case as well.

And then finally, as careful as we are as lawyers, we were sued for malpractice a couple of years ago on a case, and we got Magnus involved in our defense, which was kind of an interesting position to be in. We were very happy with what they provided us in the way of issue evaluation.

And as a result of that we were able to obtain, or our attorneys, were able to attain a zero verdict, at the end of an eight or nine day jury trial.

So, all in all, I’m extraordinarily happy with Magnus. I use them in every case that I have that requires closer evaluation of facts, or attitudes than the usual case and they have always come through. Their people are extremely well trained. Their work product is top notch. I forgot to mention that we’ve also used them in assisting us, in picking a jury in a case and that also went as well as all of the other help we’ve had from them over the years. I’d unhesitatingly recommend if you have a complex case, or if you have issues that you need to tease out, and figure out how to deal with, or present to a jury, that you think about hiring Magnus. We do.

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