Magnus’ partners are Dr. Melissa Pigott and David Fauss. Since 1993, Magnus has provided customized, scientifically designed mock trials, focus groups, and survey research, as well as jury selection and witness preparation. We have worked in 26 states, including almost every county in our home state of Florida. 

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  • Don’t let them see you panic
    We keep a list of topics for these posts; this one was added to the list several years ago and I’m just getting around to writing about it. I preface the post with that because the incident(s) which inspired it were even longer ago and happened with former, not current, team members. The incidents usually […]
  • Dim Sum
    First of all, I hope everyone who reads these posts has experienced the delightful meal known as dim sum! But, in the event the reader is unfamiliar with it, dim sum is often referred to as Hong Kong style brunch (although some restaurants serve it during evening hours). It involves small portions of delectable dumplings, […]
  • Ghost Notes
    I’ve been thinking recently about how one ever demonstrates that nothing happened because something did happen. Specifically, with regard to the protests over police shootings, police abuse, etc., how does one demonstrate that new policies make a difference? The difference is noticed only when nothing happens. Undoubtedly, most police officer shootings happen because the officer […]

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