Magnus’ partners are Dr. Melissa Pigott and David Fauss. Since 1993, Magnus has provided customized, scientifically designed mock trials, focus groups, and survey research, as well as jury selection and witness preparation. We have worked in 26 states, including almost every county in our home state of Florida. 

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  • Ok Boomer
    I have written in previous posts about my experiences with sexism, including the bias that has been expressed toward me as a female bass guitar player. As I have stated, sexism is alive, but not well. I have also mentioned social psychological research on racism and racial prejudice and the negative impact these forms of […]
  • PowerPoint Exhibits: Good-Bad-Ugly
    I had an interesting conversation today with a client who was preparing a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming mock trial. As we discussed his plan, he mentioned that he was planning to use 20 slides for a 10 minute presentation. I tactfully suggested that 1 slide every 30 seconds is too many. This led to […]
  • Say “Thank you!”
    David and I have written about gratitude in previous posts. Some people are quick to say, “Thank you” when someone gives them a gift or does something nice, while other people rarely, if ever, show their appreciation. This post is prompted by a recent experience with someone with whom I have been acquainted for many […]

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