Magnus’ partners are Dr. Melissa Pigott and David Fauss. Since 1993, Magnus has provided customized, scientifically designed mock trials, focus groups, and survey research, as well as jury selection and witness preparation. We have worked in 26 states, including almost every county in our home state of Florida. 

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  • Exercise for the Brain
    When writing the recent post on learning new things, I was reminded of several conversations I had with Dr. Frances Kinne about brain exercises. She did many things to keep her brain active, mainly due to her incredibly active schedule. It made me tired sometimes hearing about it. But, one seemingly small thing she did […]
  • Serendipities
    Once in a blue moon, things work out better than I had ever hoped they would. I will refer to these events as serendipities. My dear sister-in-law, Jeanette, and I were recipients of a serendipitous surprise last year when we were celebrating her birthday at a lovely beachfront restaurant. In the middle of our fantastic […]
  • Creative Bursts
    As I write this, I’ve already written 4 other posts this afternoon. That’s the way this process works for me. I don’t know how creative I am when writing these, but the point is they happen in bursts. I’ve found it takes finding the right frame of mind, and perhaps, some quiet time, to think […]

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