Venue Experience

We Have Been, or We Will Go, Everywhere

Johnny Cash sang “I’ve Been Everywhere” and mentioned countless places he traveled throughout his career; Magnus’ team of consultants has been almost everywhere. Although Magnus Research Consultants and Magnus Graphics are based in Pompano Beach, Florida, we have worked in most Florida counties, as well as throughout the United States. Magnus’ co-founder and Director of Research, Dr. Melissa Pigott, has conducted jury research and consulted with attorneys and their clients all the way from Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and in many, many places in between. Contact us for jury research, consulting services, graphics needs, and presentation technology regardless of the venue. Chances are, we have experience in the venue where your next case will be mediated, arbitrated, or tried.Magnus is ready to work on your case anywhere and everywhere. Magnus’ team members have worked in 26 states including the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Because Florida is Magnus’ home base, we have extensive experience in the state, having worked in over 50 of the 67 counties, as shown in the map below. If you have a case in a new venue for Magnus, we will be happy to add the venue to the map! Keep in mind, our skills are portable – we are ready to go wherever we are needed.

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