Continuing Legal Education

Magnus Research Consultants and Magnus Graphics have had a long standing tradition of providing continuing legal education programs to our attorney clients and continuing education programs to our insurance adjuster clients. Magnus has educational programs on a wide range of topics related to law and psychology, including several programs on jury selection. Magnus offers programs designed to educate litigation professionals who are beginning their career, those with an intermediate level of experience, as well as the most seasoned trial lawyers and adjusters. Our C.L.E. and C.E. programs are accredited in many states in the U.S.A.

In keeping with our philosophy of educating the people who become, or are already, our clients, Magnus’ educational programs are designed with attorneys’ and adjusters’ busy schedules in mind.  Most of the programs we offer provide 1 hour of continuing education credit and can be conducted in house, in a law firm, insurance company, or another location that is convenient.  Many of those who have participated in our programs have done so during a lunch time or evening period when it is possible to assemble the largest number of participants.  Other programs offered by Magnus can be presented as part of a firm wide or organizational seminar featuring other speakers.  Several of Magnus’ educational programs provide 3 hours of C.L.E. or C.E. credit and are offered as half day seminars.  Our most ambitious program is a mock trial seminar that provides 10 hours of educational credit for participants.

All of Magnus’ C.L.E. and C.E. programs are presented by Dr. Melissa Pigott, Director of Research for Magnus Research Consultants or are conducted with her supervision.  Dr. Pigott has 30 years of teaching experience and has presented over 100 continuing education programs to attorneys and adjusters throughout the U.S.A.  Dr. Pigott’s knowledge in the area of law and psychology is unsurpassed and she regularly receives accolades for her lectures.  Her insights are based on a combination of science, as applied to litigation, as well as decades of experience in providing jury research and consulting services to attorneys and their clients.

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Magnus Research Consultants, Inc. has a wide variety of CLE programs designed to be presented at law firms, litigation retreats, bar functions, professional society meetings, and the like. These CLE programs have been accredited by the Florida Bar for between 1 and 10 credit hours and can easily be adapted to fit other states’ bar requirements. Dr. Melissa Pigott, Magnus’ co-owner and Director of Research, has addressed well over 100 audiences. Dr. Barney Salzberg is Magnus’ expert on maximizing witnesses’ effectiveness and is available to speak on this, and other, topics. Some of our CLE programs are interactive in nature, others involve mock juries’ participation, and we are well equipped to custom design an educational program to suit your group’s presentation needs.

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In any given year, Magnus Research Consultants monitors the deliberations of thousands of jury eligible citizens who participate in our various programs of research. Sometimes the tone of their deliberations is somber; other times, it is thoughtful; while at other times, what is said is just plain funny. Following are some excerpts from our compilation video, “Jurors Say the Darndest Things”:

“I knew someone who got $5 million for a dog bite. I wish that dog had bit me!”

“Insurance companies own more land than the Catholic Church.”

“Attorneys can’t lie in court.”

“Unfortunately, the way the court system works around here, you have to base your decision on facts.”

Manus has compiled some of these “darndest things” said by our mock jurors over the years onto a video that we enjoy showing at attorneys’ and adjusters’ conferences.


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