Marc. D. Sarnoff, Esq.

Marc. D. Sarnoff, Esq.

Hi, I’m Mark Sarnoff and I’m here today to talk to you about Magnus, who can help you with picking and selecting your jury. What we’ve found really imperative is to find the prides and prejudices that people have, no matter who there are as jurors. So, what we found was really helpful Magnus could help us research jurors to find out a certain a profile that we were looking for. Even by Googling who is in your jury venire you can start looking at a pattern of people like you’re looking for either to exclude or include in your jury based upon a previous session you’ve had with Magnus to find out exactly what type of jury you’re looking for. Years ago, I don’t remember having done this. Maybe we did this subconsciously, but today we can actively pursue and look for a type of juror based upon what we feel would be a favorable outcome.

Magnus can help you do this both in the pretrial, in the pre-stage of actually selecting that jury, so that you understand that type of jury you’re looking for. Once you get your venire panel, you can start your process of looking at the background of that jury to see if they fit the profile of what you’re doing.

Just as importantly, though, if you have a key witness – and it can often be your plaintiff or it can often be your defendant – it’s imperative that he sees, or she sees, the prides and prejudices of the people that they have pre-tried this case to. So that they can start to see what testimony is beneficial for them and what testimony in the manner in which they can testify that can be detrimental to them.

So, Magnus can help you profile exactly what it is your witness needs to say and what he needs to avoid saying. Which is just as important as probably what they are going to say from a substantive standpoint. Because you don’t want to say something errantly that offends a juror, or isn’t part of a profile of what you think will benefit your case. That’s how Magnus can help your particular trial.

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