Michael J. Corso, Esq.

Michael J. Corso, Esq.

I’d like to make some comments about Magnus Consulting. I used them very often in the past, in my practice. My name is Mike Corso; I’m out of Fort Myers, Florida. I used to be a rocket scientist, as reflected in this award here of the Purdue University 2011 Outstanding Aerospace Engineer. I am a little bit of a hybrid, but 38 years ago I became a lawyer and began a litigation practice throughout the United States, and ended up in Fort Myers.

Generally, those matters are related to jury trials, and I have found that consulting with an organization like Magnus, in general, is a very good thing. I come from a world of hard science, dealing with formulas and two plus two equals four, and certainly dealing with the psychology and the idiosyncrasies of picking a jury and getting the right jury is beyond hard science. You need people like Magnus to help you with that.

As far as comments in turns of timing of the use of a consultant, I think the earlier that you can use any kind of consultant is very good, and I think that’s particularly true with jury consultants, like Magnus. You can use them for ideas, for depositions, how to set matters up for future use at a mock trial, or jury polls of some nature to get an idea of what the things in a particular case will be good for your case and conversely not good for your case. So I think for a lot of use of jury consultants, people will think of it as just the time that they are picking a jury, but there is a lot of use of an organization like Magnus for that.

The folks at Magnus are great. They work with you, they take the time to understand your case, will take whatever time necessary so that they can understand the bits and pieces to it. They’ll read things, they’ll watch videos, and they’ll comment on matters that they perceive will be important in your presentation of a case. Yet at the same time, they will not interfere with what you want to do but will help you structure what you wish to do. So if you have the opportunity, to consider using a jury consulting organization, I highly recommend that you consider Magnus.


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