Research on Complex Cases

Magnus custom designs research methodologies to fit every case. On complex matters, Magnus’ approach is to combine research methodologies to evaluate various aspects of the case. Just like multiple medical tests (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs) may be required for a medical diagnosis, multiple methodologies provide optimal evaluation of all aspects of complex cases.

Magnus’ methodologies employed for complex cases typically involve two or more phases of research. The first methodology explores the issues in a neutral fashion (for example, Case Analysis Survey) and subsequent methods are used to explore liability and damages (for example, Case Strength Evaluation Research or Mock Trials.)

Magnus is sometimes involved in complex cases for several years prior to trial. We work with the trial team in dissecting the issues and crafting the best case approach. To maximize the outcome for the client, it is always important to involve Magnus early, especially in complex matters, to enable our findings and recommendations to be implemented.