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This archive contains trial and litigation tips written by Dr. Pigott. The tips are separated into three main categories with subcategories of more specific topic areas. To review these navigate from main to sub category.

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Increasing Litigators' Effectiveness


Damages Did you know… Most jurors consider themselves as slow decision makers who focus on details when deciding a case?

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Witnesses Are You Getting the Most You Can From Your Witnesses? Many of our clients have indicated that they rarely

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Voir dire

Voir Dire Avoiding Stereotypes in Voir Dire Most people use stereotypes as quick and easy ways of judging other people.

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Presentation Magnus Graphics Magnus Research Consultants, Inc. has an affiliate corporation, Magnus Graphics, Inc. Magnus Graphics specializes in providing creative

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Jurors’ beliefs

Jurors’ beliefs Jurors’ Pre-existing Knowledge of Burdens of Proof Due to the proliferation of television crime dramas and other media

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Jury Research Information


Methodologies Using Jury Research to Evaluate Witness Effectiveness Attorneys’ impressions of their own and the opposition’s witnesses are often different

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Mock Jurors

Mock Jurors Where Do We Get Mock Jurors? We are frequently asked, “where do you get your mock jurors?” While

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When to do research

When to do research The Effectiveness of Premediation Jury Research Increasingly, attorneys commission jury research prior to making important settlement

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Scientific Research On Jury Behavior


Articles Witness Effectiveness An article by Dr. Melissa Pigott and Dr. Harris Friedman of Magnus, “Enhancing Fact Witness Effectiveness”, reviews

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Juror attitudes

Juror Attitudes Jurors’ Attitude About Money Magnus polls mock jurors about attitudes that may impact their views of a particular

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